First Visit


Kaua'i, the "Garden Island", is the oldest island of Hawai'i. It was created more than six million years ago by the shield volcano Wai'ale'ale. Over the millennia  sun, wind and rain eroded the landscape and formed gradually the beauty of 1,480 km² Eiland. A glance at the map of the 53 kilometer long and 40 kilometers wide island clearly shows the deep fissures, the Waimea Canyon, the imposing cliffs of the Napali Coast and the river valleys around the two highest mountains of the island - the Kawaikini (1,600 m) and Wai ' ale'ale (1,570 m) in the interior.

4 nights Kaua'i

1. Tag: Ankunft und Transfer zu Ihrem Hotel in Kapa'a.

2. Tag: Let's go north! This region is truly an idyllic and tropical paradise surrounded by majestic mountains, wide pastures and extraordinarily beautiful bays. If the weather allows, we will hike along the Napali Coast.

3. Tag: Waimea Canyon, it is also considered the Grand Canyon of the Pacific and the today's destination . A look at the more than 1,000 meters deep canyon gives an idea of the force with which earthquakes during the prehistoric times almost split Kaua'i.

4. Tag: Today's "highlight" is the Polihale State Park. Together with the Barking Sands Beach, it is part of the longest sandy beach in Hawai'i and rarely visited. Meet Massive dunes along with the famous Napali coast, a truly breathtaking sight! We will end the day with a picnic at the beach with sunset before heading back to the hotel ..

5. Tag: Transfer to the airport for the flight to Kahului on Maui, once arrived, transfer to your hotel


The genesis of Maui is clear when looking at its topography: in the West there is since about two million years, Pu'u Kukui , 1,764 m high . Its counterpart in the east is the younger and by far higher Haleakala, 3,055 m high, which formed the greater part of Maui . The real wealth of Maui lies in the unique diversity of its water sports facilities. Magnificent beaches line the almost 200 km of coastline. To the west of the Island Ka'anapali Beach and Kapalua Beach among the most beautiful sandy beaches of the entire United States.

4 nights Maui

6. Tag: Trip to the Iao Valley to visit the impressive mountain formations. Then continue on hilly terrain along the West Maui Mountains to one of the best beaches Maui's, the Ka'anapali Beach and on to Lahaina for a traditional Hawaiian Luau in the evening.

7. Tag: Another highlight is the tour on Haleakala, Maui's highest mountain with a hike in the spectacular crater.

8. Tag: Drive on the famous "Road to Hana". The road to Hana is without question the most famous and spectacular route, it is the crown jewel of Maui and comparable with a drive through the Garden of Eden.

9. Tag: Transfer to the airport and flight to Kailua-Kona on the Big Island. After arrivaling, transfer to your hotel in Kona. Dinner at the beach with sunset, our private chef will provide you a memorable dining experience.

Big Island

Big Island, the youngest of the Hawaiian Islands is not only large, but growing, thanks to its volcanic activity every day. You will be thrilled by the diverse landscape, with numerous unprecedented natural wonders. Here almost every climate zone is represented and produce lush rain forests, volcanic deserts, snow capped peaks and amazing beautiful black sand beaches. Hawai'i Island, is home to Kilauea, one of the world's most active volcanoes, Mauna Kea, the largest with 10,058 meters above sea mountain in the world and the largest national park in the state, the Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park.

5 nights  Big Island

10. Tag: Waterfalls and Rain forest! The Hamakua Coast is wild, fertile and beautiful. Breathtaking waterfalls shoot into the depths and create beautiful rainbows. To cap the day, we visit a tropical botanical garden before going over the Saddle Road, between the two giants Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, back to Kona.

11. Tag: This morning, we take a flight with a twin-engine Cessna, and experience spectacular impressions from the air. In the afternoon we go to the original South Kona's with visiting the Kealakekua Bay, a historic park and a coffee farm where we get to taste the famous Kona coffee.

12. Tag: Trip to the north of the Island to where it is quiet, very original, and where the paniolos (Cowboys) live. If the conditions are good, we will take a short hike down into Pololu Valley. On the way back to Kona, we may stop at Hapuna Beach, the longest beach on the island, for a swim or just some relaxing time at the beach ..

13. Tag: This day tour takes us to one of the youngest and most active volcanoes on the planet. Here you will find the opportunity to see creation and destruction, elementary processes of geological history. Learn about the volcano and the surrounding nature and take a walk through a recently cooled lava lake to see the difference between Pahoehoe and A'a.


14. Tag: One last day to explore the town of Kailua-Kona or the chance of a last beach visit before your dream vacation ends with the transfer to the airport.